About BallyhooTVTM – The Digital Signage Solution for North America

BallyhooTV is an internet-powered digital information and advertising signage service designed to help you engage with visitors by entertaining, informing and promoting. Using nothing more than a standard high definition flat-screen television, high-speed Internet connection and the pre-configured BallyhooTV media device, this solution allows you to provide a compelling visual experience in your office, gathering place or store front.

You are given all the powerful and easy-to-use tools you need to develop a compelling multimedia experience for your clientele by organizing segments of YouTube videos, text content, photos and other images and have them displayed on your own flat-screen electronic signage.

BallyhooTV is ideal for:

You control the display:

  1. Main display area
    • Choose from full screen, two column layout (as shown with ticker), or real estate grid
    • Several colour schemes to choose from
    • Display text, photos, and video
    • Control selected frame display (ie: 11am–3pm)

  2. RSS feed area (optional)
    • Choose your favourite RSS information source (news, sports, fashion...)
    • Change as often as you wish

  3. Day/Time/Weather area (optional)
    • May be used as secondary RSS feed

  4. Ticker area (optional)
    • Looping text for your message
    • Ideal for seasonal or event messaging