Affordable Waiting Room TV Systems

Keep your patrons informed without breaking the bank

BallyhooTV is an internet-powered digital information and advertising signage service designed to help you engage with visitors to your establishment by entertaining, informing and promoting.

BallyhooTV is a robust flat-sceen Infotainment & Advertising system designed specifically for large LCD monitors


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BallyhooTV is a robust digital communication system. It can be used as an advertising solution or an information display board platform that is designed specifically for large flat-screen television displays, which is perfect for high traffic areas.

With BallyhooTV you can:

What BallyhooTV can do for you:

Educate your target market and prospects using vibrant, media-rich messages about your products and services.

Keep your clients engaged and distracted while waiting in line.

Provide dynamic visual content that sends a far more enticing message than static print media, at a lower overall cost.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes.

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