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Your #1 Choice for Digital signage and Electronic Communication Displays in Ontario

Instantly communicate in real-time with your staff or visitors without breaking the bank.

BallyhooTV is a cloud-based business digital communication service designed to

help you engage with your audience on strategically placed flat-screens.


** No sharing of screen time with others and

you control 100% of your content 100% of the time. **

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BallyhooTV is a Powerful and Effective Digital Signage & Communication System

Do you want to…

  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static documentation?
  • Keep your staff and visitors Informed, instantly?
  • Educate your staff, clients or visitors?
  • Provide targeted information, based on the time of day, office/region?
  • Increase brand recognition?
  • Turn waiting times into revenue or educational benefit?
  • Have FULL control of your content?

With BallyhooTV you can:

  • Make instant updates to communication easily and as often as you want and no technical knowledge is needed
  • Access your secure account from any web browser, anywhere.
  • Have 100% control over your content, 100% of the time 
  • Keep your staff and audience informed through visual communication.
  • Incorporate YouTube video, photos, text, and real-time news headlines.
  • Have multiple screens throughout your premises or region.
  • Manage all screens from one central location.
  • Manage master and local timelines.
  • Create and save timelines for future use.

What BallyhooTV can do for you:

Educate your staff using vibrant, media-rich messaging, instantly!

Provide dynamic visual content that sends a far more enticing message than static print media, at a lower overall cost.

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static documents.

Keep your staff and visitors engaged with important information.

Ballyhoo Live Feed Display


Educate employees or team members with important messages using vibrant, media-rich content.


Instantly engage your audience with essential and timely information.

Visual Content

Provide dynamic visual content, even display longer documents using the unique vertical scrolling feature.

Save Money

Reduce costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute static paper-based information.


Timelines are like slideshows made up of Segments. You may have multiple and can schedule them for different times and locations.

Multiple screens can be securely controlled from one central location … anywhere.


Supported content:

    • Photo
    • Video
    • Text
    • Vertical Scrolling Text
    • Ticker

News & Weather Feeds

Display the latest news and weather reports (or other streaming services) from your preferred source. Twitter feed support available.

Schedule Content

Your custom segments can programmatically switch depending on the time of day, or for any custom period of time.

Set up BallyhooTV holiday-themed content and timelines ready ahead of time each year.

Media-Rich Content

Convey information through videos & posters with eye-catching visuals.

BallyhooTV supports media streaming through platforms like YouTube, and uploading of custom graphics.

Content Hierarchy

Keep information on a need to know basis. You may have timelines broadcast to the following levels within your organization.

    • Company-Wide
    • Branch/Office
    • Department
    • Region

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