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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Digital Signage & Communications Questions

What is BallyhooTV™?

BallyhooTV is a fully customized cloud-based digital informational and communication system display product designed to engage employees or team members, clients, and residents.

How can I leverage the power of BallyhooTV™?

  • Use BHTV to instantly update your audience from any location via your secure online portal 
  • Upcoming announcements can be created in advance and scheduled to be posted on a future date and time of your choosing
  • YouTube video, including your own materials can be incorporated into a content segment with your own controllable closed captioning
  • Extra long documents can be displayed using the vertical scrolling feature
  • Don’t want all screens to display the same information? Target all screens or only certain screens with preferred content.

What can BallyhooTV™ do for me?

If you need to get effective and timely information out to staff, team members, visitors or residents, BallyhooTV will help support your messaging with rich content and vibrant media. BallyhooTV is also great for corporate and retail locations, retirement homes, health care facilities, and EMS agencies.

​What kind of hardware do I need?

We provide the media device that controls the display of the BallyhooTV product, so there are no worries about software compatibility issues. The requirements for this service are simply:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Wired or wireless router (Wireless option will require some configuration on the media devices)
  • A high definition flat-screen television supporting 720p and HDMI input

How Can BallyhooTV Help You?

Learn more about how the BallyhooTV flat-screen communication platform can enhanced your messaging for staff and visitors!!

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